Wednesday, June 6, 2007

destination: Demolition Depot

My friend Britten was in town last week from the mitten state. We ventured up to Harlem to check out the Demolition Depot . It was like 2 kids in a candy store... but the kids are really designers and the candy is really a big garbage playground. Why don't more places like this exist? Where does all that fantastic scrap go when buildings are torn down? Well, in Harlem the scrap gets to live on at the Depot. And some of it is even rented out for movies. What a fancy life these vintage things live.

We were mostly playing outside in the land of old telephone booths and empty bath tubs... but then we discovered a whole extra 3 floors of glorious garbage! Layers of doors. Lovely neon signs. Piles of grates. Meat hooks (you never know - bike holder, coat hook...). It sure was fun to play. In fact, it was grate!


LadyJem said...

I am Ldy Jem from, I and find your exploring blog very interesting and briefly feel sorry for myself not to be close to all those resources you mention. Only briefly, because i am a country girl and three days in any city and the walls begin to close in on me.

God bless, LJ

tiffanytomato said...

Hey there LadyJem - I'm part country girl, too. I try to visit my parents at least once a year to help pick their good homegrown tomatoes and get my hands dirty helping to weed their enourmous garden.

But the big city calls me home now. So here I am, an urban cowgirl transplant.

Happy recycling!