Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Maker Faire!

Hey Crafty West Coast people - come on down to the Maker Faire party this weekend in San Mateo, California.
We'll be making cereal box wallets at our booth #131. If you have any cereal boxes or other food boxes, drop 'em off and we'll put 'em to good reuse.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Go Green!

Thanks to everyone who turned out for Earth Day festivities this past week!

Above are some pictures of some kids (of all ages) making cereal box wallets.

One little girl even told me she loved her new wallet. That just made my day. Happy Earth Day!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

This week is in full upcycling swing here at RePlayGround!

You can catch us along with a free recycling project at several events this weekend including:

-The Go Green Expo on Saturday and Sunday

-The book launch for William the Garbage Truck a great story teaching children of all ages how they can go green. This will be up in Greenwich, CT.

-The Swaparamarama on Sunday. It's a huge clothing swap with reused clothes just waiting to be re-loved.

You can also catch us on May 28th doing an Eco-Workshop at Sustainable NYC. Haven't heard of Sustainable NYC? Why they're a great new eco-store in the East Village. Sign up for this event by calling the store at 212-254-5400 or emailing info [at] sustainable-nyc [dot] com. We'll be demonstrating on how to turn soda bottles in soap dishes, photo cuffs, vases and more!

If you're not in the New York area, you can always celebrate Earth Day by creating your own upcycled cereal box wallet or glass bottle vase.

Hurray for recycling!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Earth Day events - coming soon!

April 22nd is Earth Day! If you're in the New York City or San Francisco area, come visit us at one of these lovely events.

EarthFair 2008 - Friday, April 18 from noon-7pm and Saturday, April 19 from 11am - 5pm at Grand Central Station, NYC, NY.
This event is free! And I'll have a free project where you can make a wallet out of empty cereal boxes. If you have any old cereal boxes laying around, be sure to bring 'em with you and we'll put 'em to good re-use.

Project Earth Day - Thursday, April 24. This is a fancy, schmancy, eco-friendly fashion show. Our eco-accessories will be on display and will have lots of other eco-accessories from other green business to keep them company.

Go Green Expo - Saturday, April 26 from 10am - 6pm and Sunday, April 27 from 10am - 3pm at the NY HIlton on 53rd St. at 6th Ave., NYC. I think this event costs 10 bucks. There'll be about 200 vendors spreading a whole lot of recycling and sustainable love. That's well worth 10 bucks. Plus we'll have a free DIY project like CD suncatchers.

Swap-a-rama-rama - Sunday, April 27 from noon - 6pm, NYC
Bring a bag of clothes and 10 bucks and you get a whole new (new to you) bag of clothes. I'll be there doing a DIY project. It's a great place to get new clothes for cheap!

Greening your everyday life - Wednesday, April 30 from 7pm - 9pm at PS 321, 180 7th Ave., in Park Slope, Brooklyn. There will be free seminars on cleaning your home, organic gardening and more. Plus I'll be there showing kids how to turn old record album sleeves into folders. For more info on this one contact mbrill [at] ps321 [dot] org

Maker Faire - May 3-4, 2008 San Francisco, CA
We'll be spreading our recycling love to the west coast with this event! Stop by, say hi, and leave with a cute wallet made from empty cereal boxes.

If you're not nearby, then go here to find an celebrate an Earth Day event near you. Go green!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

DIY organizing

I've had lots of visitors through my place this month and have been doing some spring cleaning to get things all organized-like. What better way to keep your favorite magazines in one place than with cereal boxes? Seriously, what better way?

Here's how you make your very own cereal box magazine holders - start with an empty cereal box and a pair of scissors. A pencil is optional. If you opt for the pencil, draw a line around the box where you'd like to cut. Cut away the top part of the box at an angle. Then stick your magazines inside. It's as simple as that. Large cereal boxes are great for standard-sized magazines like one of our faves - ReadyMade. And smaller boxes are great for smaller crafty goodness publications like Craft and Make. We like to keep recycling simple around here.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Scrap your glasses with me! Ties, too!

Do you have an old pair of glasses you never use? I need a pair for my latest crafty project. Ideally a pair with chunky frames and clear lenses, not sunglasses... but I know dumpster divers can't be choosers.

I'm also looking for lots of men's neck ties - all shapes, sizes and colors. Only once I get them, they won't be neckties for long. Stay tuned and I'll post photos of the transformed formal wear.

If you have either of these items, let me know. I'll even pay for postage. Or if you're in NYC, I could possibly arrange to pick 'em up. Here's my contact info.