Wednesday, September 19, 2007

it's a plastic bag curtain!

What do we do with all those plastic bags in this world? After we take them back to the grocery store and reuse them, use them a second time as garbage bags, knit with them, and turn them into earrings, there's still a pile of them in this world. In fact we supposedly use about 1,000,000 bags a minute!!! At least that's from this website.

Well, a few months ago I sat in on Joel's product design class at Pratt. In this class students were challenged to redesign items you'd normally discard into something you'd want to keep around. Brilliant concept, eh?

Kudos to Su Ng who came up with the idea of reusing plastic bags as curtains. She even wove them together with plastic bag strips! We needed some new curtains here at RePlayGround so we adapted her idea with our surplus stash of plastic bags. Shown above is our newest member of the recycled RePlayGround family. Thanks for inspiring us, Su!

Next time we might want to use more colorful ones, like of the pink and red Chinatown variety. If you have a bunch of colorful ones on-hand let us know and we might put them to a new, good use like this... or be inspired to think up something entirely new.

Have a nice day!


trish said...

Looking at this curtain made from plastic bags gave me an idea. I'm wondering how it would hold up as a shower curtain? Think I will give it a try. Thanks.

Anonymous said...