Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Scrap your glasses with me! Ties, too!

Do you have an old pair of glasses you never use? I need a pair for my latest crafty project. Ideally a pair with chunky frames and clear lenses, not sunglasses... but I know dumpster divers can't be choosers.

I'm also looking for lots of men's neck ties - all shapes, sizes and colors. Only once I get them, they won't be neckties for long. Stay tuned and I'll post photos of the transformed formal wear.

If you have either of these items, let me know. I'll even pay for postage. Or if you're in NYC, I could possibly arrange to pick 'em up. Here's my contact info.



lesleyanne said...

what a fab idea! is that your niece that you told me about? i actually have a pair of very cool vintage glasses that i bought for a party years ago that i just have sitting in my studio (like pseudo-inspiration). when you come over to raid my button stash i'll show them to you. maybe they're what you're looking for?

i wanted to tell you about the Brooklyn Indie Market! they're opening their doors, and starting May 3. are you interested??

tiffanytomato said...

I've been to Brooklyn Indie Market before! Lots of great, local stuff on display there. Here's their website: http://brooklynindiemarket.com/

Go Brooklyn!