Friday, May 9, 2008

sunny California

I had the pleasure of visiting California this past week. My trip started with the super-fabulous Maker Faire. And what a great start! Motorized armchairs, life-sized cupcakes on wheels, a Lego room, DIY sewing stations... I just wish Maker Faire closer to home and more than once a year. I had my very own booth and my own recycled Maker projects.

The rest of California was vacation. A friend and I drove down the West Coast from San Francisco to LA. We took a short detour to get a meal of local, seasonal ingredients at Chez Panisse in Berkeley and visit some breathtaking (and tasty) vineyards in Sonoma. It reminded me how different the landscape is from coast to coast. It was so beautiful and instead of seeing strip malls I got to see elephant seals, an ocean view, and tons of pretty roadside flowers.

Granted flying and driving aren't the most eco-friendly alternatives, but in small doses it is sometimes the most efficient way to travel. Plus I bought carbon offsets for my trip at TerraPass. It's nice to be back home in Brooklyn, but getting a good dose of California sunshine did some good for my soul.

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Sacred Snatch said...

Hey Chica,

I met you at the Maker Faire and I just barely put up my blog about the event. I gave you a shot out and posted a pic of your hawt self!