Wednesday, June 3, 2009

All ages

A friend alerted me to this NY Times article and I had to share it with all you recycling-minded folks. It's about the Materials Center at Beginnings Nursery School in Manhattan, which is devoted to collecting and reusing "garbage" for student projects.

It warms our Replayground hearts to find that kids as young as 4 and 5 are being taught to value the things we typically discard, and some of the projects are really inspiring (toy boats made from used corks, hand puppets from discarded plastic). Definitely worth a read.


The Green Cat said...

This is awesome. A year ago I connected with a neighbor (via Freecycle) to hand off my fabric scraps. She takes them to her daughter's school where they are used in craft projects and such. We now have a regular thing: whenever I have a full shopping bag of scraps, I give her a call and she comes by to pick them up. While I try to use up every scrap I can in my crafting, it's great to know there are other folks who can use up the pieces that are too small for me!

Candle Anne said...

Great article! I love the child's comment about how if we throw everything away there won't be anything left to make a collage with. Smart kid.