Tuesday, October 13, 2009

FREE Recycled Craft Workshop at Sustainable NYC

Join Garbage Outreach Coordinator Carly Miller at Sustainable NYC on Wednesday, October 14th for Pop Art: Soda Bottle Projects. The plastic soda bottle makes a perfect structure and surface to both hold and highlight all kinds of objects!

What: Recycled Craft Event: Soda Bottle Pop Art
When: October 14th 6-7:30pm Pop Art! Soda bottle soap dish, picture frame, vase, and more.
Where: SustainableNYC
Who: Carly, Garbage Outreach Coordinator at RePlayGround

You bring: your recycled soda or plastic bottles, your creative genius!
We bring: lots of materials, instruction, a great space, our fabulous company.

RSVP is a must, 10 person limit per workshop: please email carly@replayground.com
can't wait to see you there !

1 comment:

OooLala said...

what a wonderful! wonderful! idea! are there more of these workshops?

there needs to be one for plastic bags! and tupperware you get from the takeout!