Friday, November 13, 2009

the TerraCycle website gets a makeover

There's a fancy new website over at Tom does a great job explaining how the garbage gets upcycled. Plus you can finally buy TerraCycle products online and it'll link you straight to the store - Shop Only Green. Check it out. Send in your trash. Buy some stuff made from trash. You'll be products-made-from-trash-deprived no more!


Nicola H said...

Hey Tiffany, Just had a look around their new shop site, and it's ok but there's a lot of info that as a shopper I'd be looking for and can't find. I only looked at a 3 product pages, but have questions on each one, eg are the capri sun pencil cases made in the US or are they from abroad? If they are made in the US, how can they only be $2? Who sews them? Who makes the cork boards and where? And how does the record picture frame work? It just looks like a record in the image, rather than a picture frame. Does it have glass? Where does the photo go? Needs more alternate images for it to make sense as a picture frame.

Good recycling though, and with a bit more descriptive content and an About page, it would be great!! :)

*my 2 cents*

tiffanytomato said...

Hi Nicola! To answer your questions - to keep price points reasonable for large stores (like Target) a lot of the Capri Sun items and other items are made abroad in places like Mexico. TerraCycle always makes sure that the manufacturers are all fairly traded and up to standard.

The picture frame has a circle cut in the center and has a clear piece of plastic in the window. You open up a little door in the back to insert your photo.

Thanks for checkin' out the new site. I'll suggest that the shop starts to include locations for sewing, etc.