Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Re-Make your holiday decorating!

This year, make your holiday decorations trashy!
Here at RePlayGround we are getting ready for our holiday trash-tacular party, and we've come up with some great decorations to inspire you to re-make your waste.

Instead of using paper or plastic plates that will fill your garbage and landfill, re-make your cardboard boxes into plates. Cut your cardboard into 6"x6" squares (adjust to fit the size of your hours d'vours) and cover the surface with wax paper. Instead of tossing them away, just peel off the wax paper and re-use! You'll never be a square with this eco-friendly party plate.

Check out our other cardboard creation, panel Christmas trees for decorating your party table. Circling the tree is a recycled paper chain, made by RePlayGround design junkie Abby Kelly.

Our next trash-tacular project is a wire-hanger wreathe to light up your holiday spirit! This project evolved from a fruit-bowl-experiment turned wrong, transformed into a Christmas-lit wreath by Abby Kelly

go Abby go!

Finished and lit! Can you believe this beauty used to be a bunch of wire hangers?


cindi said...

I love the pointsetta! Do you just bend the hangers into points and then join all the "hooks" in the center? It looks great all lit up.

abby kelly said...

thanks cindi!

I'll be posting a tutorial on the hanger wreath ASAP - stay tuned!

jodi of the creative JAR said...

love the trees