Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Upcycled Greeting Cards at Sustainable NYC

Just wanted to share a few pics from our workshop last week.

Amazing things were made from menus and paint chips...

Floor plans and scrap fabric...

And old gardening catalogs!

We also discovered that wine corks (rubber or cork) make pretty nifty rubber stamps. (Try them with fingerpaint or acrylic paint for the best results).

Do try this at home. Your loved ones will be thrilled to see what wonderful creations you can make from 'garbage'! Check out our Flickr page for a few more inspiring pics.


Veshengro said...

Greeting cards make also creat stock for DIY business cards when used in conjunction with a stamp with your details.


Bibliocat said...

I collect greeting cards and use scrapbook scissors to make bookmarks to give away to my students.

abby kelly said...

Great tips, both of you!

tiffanytomato said...

That tulip flower card sure is fancy! Trash-fancy, that is. Nice!