Tuesday, April 6, 2010

They Did-It-Themselves!

2 lovely readers attempted, completed, and shared their DIY t-shirt to bean bag chair projects. They're so great that I'm sharing them with you.

This first one is from reader Kyle who said it was his first time using a sewing machine!

In this next one Sarah upcycled old stuffed animals and reused as stuffing. What a great use for them! Thrift stores often turn down stuffed animals due to allergens that can collect inside, so it's always great to find a solution for items not easily recycled.

These are a T-riffic way to show how fun and easy these DIY projects can be! Try-it-yourself!


Kyle said...

Just so the fellas know, Kyle is a man, proving any one can try this project.

tiffanytomato said...

oops - sorry about the mis-she, Kyle. I fixed it in the post. And am super duper impressed by how your first sewing machine project turned out!