Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Garbage Moguls! Airing this Saturday!

Hi there friends of RePlayGround! If you're friends of us, chances are you're friends of TerraCycle, too! I'm excited to announce that TerraCycle's trashy reality show, Garbage Moguls, is airing this Saturday. And it's not just one episode. It's four trash-packed episodes airing in a eco-marathon. You can catch me in the shows along with the rest of the TerraCycle crew.

Tune in to the National Geographic Network at 7pm EST and rewatch the pilot kite-flying episode. From 8pm - 10pm you can watch three all-new episodes. What garbage will we attack? That's why you need to tune in. You never know what kind of trash turns up at TerraCycle.

woo hoo garbage moguls!


carouser said...

Very clever; and much more respectable than most Jersey reality sleaze. Maybe Teresa Giudice can see if Szaky will throw her a couple of bucks for what’s left of her bankruptcy sale; or better yet, maybe Danielle Staub can take the fake hair that got ripped out of her head this season, and TerraCyle can turn it into something useful. We know Danielle is all about giving back to the community.

There is an irony Szaky, and that is, you can take trash in Jersey, and actually make it worth something. Too bad you can’t recycle people.

Mike's Air Conditioning said...

That's a right and imperative thing to do with so much of waste all over the Earth and the environment getting polluted more and more by the day.