Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Merry Geek Christmas!

If December is a time for giving, make January a time for regifting!

I attended my first geek Christmas last week and it was a big tech swap with people exchanging gadgets and other technology gizmos to trade. There was the big coil of Ethernet cable (that looked like a wreath – wreathernet cable perhaps?), blinky lights, old microphones, and loads of other tech gadgets well beyond my expertise. It’s like the geek version of a clothing swap! Each person takes a turn to explain what he or she brought and everyone else fights over the free findings. If more than one person want a particular item, they each share their intended use. The original owner of the item deems the winner and passes over the newly coveted item.

It was super fun, super geeky and all over upcycled. My favorite kind of party.
Check out the time-elapsed video from this year's and videos of Geek Christmas past.

Consider holding your own geek Christmas and spread some technology cheer!

photos courtesy Nick Normal

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