Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bottle Cap Creations

This week I discovered a fun twist on used bottle caps! The blog Another Limited Rebellion features a collection of action figures made from bottle caps and other junk pile items. Take a look at this robot made entirely of Gatorade caps:

To see more robot designs on ALR Design Blog, click here!

Here at RePlayGround, we have another fun take on the bottle cap. It's the T-Shirt Checkerboard, and it's made from t-shirts, shoelaces, and 24 discarded bottle caps. With a little sewing and creativity, you can make your own checkerboard to go! This project is one of 95 do-it-yourself projects in our new ReMake It! Book.

This checkerboard will top all others!


canon toner blogger said...

I should teach my little brother to make those. They are so cool.

Mavis said...

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