Monday, January 9, 2012

Tote Overload in New York Mag

New York magazine recently ran an article called Tote Overload (Dec. 12 2011). The article makes a good point about consumption. There's no argument that reusable totes make an impact on the burgeoning plastic trash problem we face. But over consumption can still occur with the eco-friendly tote bag. Professional personal organizer Beth Zeigler came up with an innovative solution. She staged a redistribution drive this December in L.A, and collected 1,900 unused reusable bags for redistribution. Great! Now let's get these drives to catch on in cities nationwide!
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Tricia said...

Hopefully they'll be distributed in a useful way!

It seems to me that the grocery store reusable bags are getting smaller. I have (and regularly use) a collection from the first wave of bag-consciousness, and you can easily fit 2 milk jugs side by side. This is not true of the newer ones.

(wv: trash. how bizarre!)