Saturday, May 26, 2012

Video how-to: Upcycled placemats from plastic bags!

Here's a fun, summer project that will dress up your dining room and is made from free materials you probablly already have on hand. Turn disposable plastic bags into reusable placemats. In my video how-to, you'll learn how to heat-fuse plastic bags together. Then simply cut out a rectangle and you have a new table setting.

If you’re like me and turn down plastic bags at the checkout counter, ask your friends and family to start collecting. Once you get the hang of heat-fusing, you can apply this technique to a wide range of projects. Create coasters, reusable tote bags, pencil cases and more. Your only limit will be your collection of plastic bags!


Molly Block -- @mollyblock said...

Well done, Tiffany!

tiffanytomato said...

Thanks, Molly! This project is a great upcycled unconsumption addition!