Saturday, September 8, 2012

Grandma Threadgould's craft book

My mom was recently cleaning out some relics from the past and came across a notebook from my Grandma Threadgould. It was full of crafts and recipes and all sorts of do-it-yourself goodness so she passed it on to me. I recognized patterns for ornaments that my mother still has - one of an angel and another of a mailbox that she still hangs on her Christmas tree.

I always remembered this grandma being crafty. And flipping through her book I realized there was no choice but for me to have crafting in my blood. In fact, my father once traced our lineage of the "Threadgould" name back to tailors of generations ago who lived in England.

I think Grandma Threadgould said it best from the entry she wrote over 40 years ago:
Spring Craftshop - 1966 "He who acquires a hobby has started on a glorious adventure - he has thrown boredom overboard and contracted an incurable disease."

This entry was right over top instructions for a do-it-yourself shadow box from Reynolds aluminum foil. Go Grandma Threadgould! Hurray for passing on glorious adventures!

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