Monday, February 11, 2013

Help with my Happy project!

image courtesy Pinterest

Hey there RePlay blog readers! I recently moved and am having a blast decorating my new space. I have a large wall over my fireplace that is just begging to have a large-scale art piece and upcycled is my favorite genre of art. When I was a kid (and heck, even now) I always loved Happy Meal toys. I even had quite the collection when I was working at a toy company about 10 years ago. I don't eat so much fast food these days, but still love those toys and have some grand plans for my art project.

If you have any fast food or similar sized toys, send them to my way! Email me at tiffany(at)replayground(dot)com and I'll help to figure out shipping and the easiest way to get them to me.

Stay tuned. I'll be sure to post the finished work on this blog.

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jake ostler said...

Using recycling to build a playground is an excellent idea. I wonder if recyclers in Edmonton have ever thought about doing this.