Wednesday, January 30, 2008

ReMake It!!!

I'm super-pleased to announce that our ReMake It diy recycling kits will be at the New York Gift Fair next week! RePlayGround teamed up with the super folks at Streamline to make these eco-friendly kits. If you happen to be attending Gift Fair, swing by booth 1826 to see 'em in person. If you want to buy one of these for yourself, hang tight, because soon enough you'll be able to buy them online.

There are 4 kits in the series including magazine envelopes, a wine cork trivet, a bottle lamp, and bottlecap magnets. These kits are super-easy to make - just add a little bit of garbage and you have your own work of art that you made all by yourself.

Have I been over using the word "super" this blog post? Well, I don't care. I'm super-excited to have these kits ready for stores!

Hurray for recycling and do-it-yourselfing!


Nicola - Keyboard Queen said...

OMG these are AMAZING Tiffany!!!!!!!!!!!

I think my favourite is the wine cork trivet. They would be fantastic for weddings - a cool momento from a wedding reception. You could totally market them on weddingy sites and blogs.

Your packaging is kick-ass professional too. You totally rock!

tiffanytomato said...

Hey - thanks for the great compliment, Nicola!

Weddings are a great idea for the wine cork trivet.

And your recycled stuff over at Acorn Studios rocks, too!

Anonymous said...

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