Friday, January 18, 2008

Trash = Landfill

I was having lunch at Whole Foods cafeteria earlier this week. When I finished eating, I went to throw away my plastic fork and paper napkin and saw the sign pictured above on their trashcans. Appropriate reminder. Then as I was googling an image for the can I saw that our friend George over at Treehugger had already posted on this. (Thanks for the photo!) Whole Foods also offers recycling bins for paper and plastic, so hopefully it's an unlucky few that end up in the landfill one. They do offer reusable plastic bowls for your lunch so those win the prize and don't end up in any bin.

On my way out I noticed Whole Foods recently installed a big plastic bag receptacle that is "leave a penny, take a penny" style. Take only bags you'll use, and leave any that you won't. Great place for all those dog owners to get their coveted stash.

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