Monday, January 19, 2009

An organic garden on the White House lawn? Yay change!

Change is good! As we embark on a new Commander in Chief, we not only get a fresh attitude, we could possibly get fresh vegetables, too.
I'm not sure who first suggested an organic garden on the White House lawn - perhaps it was Michael Pollan in his Farmer In Chief letter (in the final paragraphs of the letter), or from the website or It's a simple and elegant idea that could spur tremendous local garden growth.

Planting a garden on the White House lawn could do so much more for home gardens than any formal PR campaign could ever do. Eleanor Roosevelt demonstrated a similar solution during WWII with the Victory Garden movement.

Who knows - maybe once the White House garden gets growing, they'll be able to add a hoop house in 2010. This time next year the Obamas could be munching on spinach grown in their front yard.

Sign the petition here.


shannon said...

Hoop house yes!!! Would easily have vibrant year-round harvesting with the DC climate. There's a job I'd take, the first white house hoop house farmer! said...

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