Sunday, January 11, 2009

Recycled memories can keep you warm

Hats off to my friend, Kellie from Fancy Felting, who sent me these pictures of her handmade Christmas gifts.

She said the stripey hats are made from remnants of yarn from her grandma’s 70’s-80’s projects. The one her grandpa (far right) is wearing is made from an old wool vest knit by the red cross when he was in the coast guard. And they were all lined with remnant fleece fabric. What a crafty way to preserve memories and give a really thoughtful, personal gift. The ones below are on location for a few relatives that were snowed out of the above Christmas celebration.

There can't be a better way to preserve a beloved family member's memory than to build from something they created. It's the crafty version of passing stories from generation to generation - taking somthing from a family member, altering and embellishing it to suit your style and passing it on to those around you.

I love craft projects because there's always a story behind them.

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Kellie said...

Since I made these hats, I've heard of other people doing similar things with old sock yarn, etc. Knitters always have a supply of "extra pieces"- so combine it all together & go make something with it:)