Friday, June 4, 2010

How to make a soda tab belt

Exclusive sneak preview for our devoted RePlayGround bloggers, this soda tab belt project is coming out in our new 100-project book, set for publication in April 2011. In the meantime, summer is here and suddenly the streets are littered with soda cans and tabs - here is an an eco-chic way for your to upcycle your summer treats.

1. To start out your belt, you'll need approximately 110 soda tabs, or 13 tabs for every 4" of your belt. For the cording you can use anything from shoelaces to nylon cording. For a recent RePlayGround workshop we used t-shirt strips, cut in a spiral around the edge of a t-shirt, 1" thick. Pull your t-shirt strip to utilize that natural curl shape!

Start by bending down the extra sharp flap of metal in the center hole, if it hasn't broken off already.

2. Cut your cord (or t-shirt strip) to 100" and tie a loop at the center of the cord, securing with a tight double knot. The loop should be about the same size as a soda tab, because this is what you're going to hook your last tab onto to close your belt.

3. Thread the two cord ends through a soda tab, from the underside of the tab (see Abby's illustration above).

4. a) Put a second tab on top of the first. b) Bring the cord ends up and around tab 2 from one side, down the middle, and back through tab 1.

5. a) Put a third tab under the second. b) Bring cord back to front through tab 3 and up through tab 2.

6. Continue this pattern until the belt is a few inches longer than your waist size.

7. Finish the cord with a tight double knot and trim loose ends.

8. Now you get to show off your belt! To wear, just slip the knot end through the loop you tied at the beginning.

Happy Upcycling!


erinsapparel said...

this would also be cute as a bracelet or choker necklace. Thanks for sharing.

samantha (ZulikaStarDesign) said...

thank you for sharing that my son who is 9 has been inspired and is making one now !!