Sunday, June 13, 2010

ReMaking runs in the family! Project: Glass bottle vase

The best gifts are the ones made just for you! My super fabulous brother decided to do some DIY of his own with my niece and nephew and the help of his video camera. He took a few of my own projects and set his kids to work while he taped them. With some added instruction, some fancy music and extra fancy editing you can see them and follow along for yourself. This is the first video in a series of four. All of the projects are taken from my upcoming book - ReMake It! Over 100 DIY projects for the stuff you usually scrap. The book itself won't be available until April 2011, but the videos will have you ReMaking up a recycled storm long before then. Plus look how cute the kids are.

In this first video my craftabulous niece Marina shows us how to transform a empty glass bottle into a vase. With a special appearance from my brother's hand. Hurray for ReMaking, do-it-yourselfing, and general sweet gift giving!

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