Friday, July 29, 2011

Cigar Box Jewelry Box

This week we found a new use for an empty cigar box! We started by cutting down chopsticks to serve as compartment dividers. After hot gluing the chopsticks to the bottom of the box, we cut out magazine pages to fit in the compartments, and glued the squares down with a glue stick. We found you can also give the inside of the box a more finished look by spraying on a few coats of glossy lacquer.

We picked this box up at Refugio Cigar House around the corner from our RePlayGround studios. A lot of cigar stores have empty boxes that pile up by the end of each week, so if you'd like to try this project, ask your local store for any cast-off boxes.

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This smokin' hot jewelry box makes a great summer project!

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Anonymous said...

Cigar box nice, but the name not sounds good.

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