Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Go postal AND go green!

A fellow design junkie recently alerted me to the new eco-stamps available at the US Postal Service.

She writes:
"Hi Tiffany, Have you seed the "Go Green Forever" postage stamps? I went today to our local post office and Wola! The clerk said to me 'I've never seen anyone SO excited about stamps'. Apparently I must have had an out-of-body reaction when I saw them!"

So of course I instantly went on-line and ordered my own stamp sets.

Get yours, too! And help spread the eco-word by mailing it. In the words of Stacy - Wola!!

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Just a Thought said...

Like them also, but have you bought them at the post office? The USPS give you the stamp with all the extra pieces attached and at least an 8 inch long reciept.. great concept but it would be nice if they followed through on the green concept and concerve on the paper reciept!!