Monday, February 25, 2008

new DIY

Visit the do-it-yourself part of our website for our newest, well, do-it-yourself project ideas. We have a fruit bowl made from toilet paper tubes, a lamp made from plastic jugs and a few pairs of chopsticks, a vase made from an empty glass bottle, and more!

Be your own design junkie and give your garbage another go!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

what to do with an old snowboard?

I found an old snowboard sadly laying on the sidewalk in Brooklyn the other night. It was much happier when a friend and I picked it up instead of leaving it to a life with the NYC Department of Sanitation. And my friend was right - people do get out of your way when you're walking down the street carrying a snowboard.

Now - any ideas out there on what to make out of it?

A swing perhaps? A bench? And if a bench, any ideas on what to use for legs? Wood is the easiest material to work with, but perhaps not the most appropriate looking material with the thin snowboard. Ideas are welcome!

Monday, February 11, 2008

New in the shop!

Check out these great new World of Grains journals in our shop. These are fresh from our friends, Mars, Inc., over in New Jersey. Only 7 buckaroos and they're packed with 75 sheets of recycled paper. Woo hoo recycling!

How GREEN is your candidate?

I went looking to see where the political candidates stood on environmental issues. I found this site and wanted to share.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

sustaining sustainability

I've heard a few really great lectures the past few weeks and have listened to some really great discussions centering on sustainability.

At Pratt's Focus the Nation Event, I heard designer Allan Chochinov speak about how as a designer the first question we need to ask ourselves is "Do we really need to design this?" Do we need another lamp? Another alarm clock? Another plastic-molded Santa that just sits there? And if you do design something, what sets your design apart and provides a useful function?

At New York's Gift Fair there's a continuing lecture series on sustainability. Green gurus were there from Herman Miller, Icestone, and Mio and their discussion centered on the ideas behind cradle to cradle and developing products so that they are durable, and once their useful life is having the materials either returning to the earth, or recycled back into usable raw materials. This sustainability series seems to be a continuing event at gift fair, which we blogged about here during their last event. It looks like sustainability is sustaining itself and continuing to be a topic of conversation. It's great to see so many businesses getting behind this idea!