Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A recycled recycling bin?

Well, what else would you expect it to be made from?

I'm pleased to share that the crafty RePlayGround crew will be at the Queens Library over the next few weeks helping to spread our do-it-yourself recycling goodness to the good people there. These events not only include fun, upcycling projects, but they're also free and open to the public! Woo hoo! Our first stop is the Fresh Meadows Library at 4pm, this Friday, May 3rd.
Other locations and dates include:
Flushing, May 8 at 4pm
Windsor Park, May 13 at 4pm
McGoldrick, May 13 at 5pm
Central Library (Jamaica), May 22 at 4pm

We'll be demonstrating how to create a recycling bin from 2 hardcover books (retired books, of course!).

Why buy a new recycling bin when you can create your own? This one already has a great story!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Have a sweet Earth Day!

I know it only comes one day a year, but it's definitely the quality that counts! And I know that you've heard it before, but let's hear it again for some of those fave Earth Day phrases that do ring true - "It's all up to you!", "A little bit goes a long way!", "Do just one thing to help the Earth today."

There's no better time to be an Earth Day cheerleader than today! Woo hoo!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New! At the Brooklyn Brew!

The super brewers over at the Brooklyn Brewery are featuring brand new magnets and journals remade the upcycled way. You can pick them up in their online store or in person at the brewery shop.

The journals have you drinking write. They're made from upcycled 6 packs holders and are filled with 75 pages of lined paper (with recycled content, of course). Then you'll flip your lid over the new magnet sets with super-strong magnets. Drink up and support these local, handmade goods!

If you'd like to contribute your own collection of Brooklyn Brewery bottle caps to the creation of new magnets, send me an email to tiffany replayground com. I'll work out shipping details with you and will gladly cover costs if you have 250 bottle caps or more.

Happy ReMaking!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

DIY wedding photo booth!

A good friend of mine got hitched to her honey this past weekend. I was honored to be assigned the project of capturing photos of guests while the wedding party was off with the wedding photographer getting their more traditional photos taken.

It's the perfect easy project to catch fun wedding pics. Plus who doesn't like to try on different mustaches for size?
Congrats Josette and Ajay! Hurray!

Materials you need: Props on a stick (like these from Etsy)
Dry erase board for writing messages to the bride and groom
Digital camera
Flickr account
White wall or other plain background
Enthusiastic wedding guests!

1. Create (or order) your props.
2. Set up your tripod and digital camera. Test out a picture or two to make sure lighting is right.
3. Recruit wedding guests to try on a mustache, bow tie, or other prop. It helps to have a little champagne and a friend to help recruit guests!
4. Snap your shots.
5. Download from your camera, and upload them to a Flickr or other photo account. Share the memories and enjoy!