Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Merry Geek Christmas!

If December is a time for giving, make January a time for regifting!

I attended my first geek Christmas last week and it was a big tech swap with people exchanging gadgets and other technology gizmos to trade. There was the big coil of Ethernet cable (that looked like a wreath – wreathernet cable perhaps?), blinky lights, old microphones, and loads of other tech gadgets well beyond my expertise. It’s like the geek version of a clothing swap! Each person takes a turn to explain what he or she brought and everyone else fights over the free findings. If more than one person want a particular item, they each share their intended use. The original owner of the item deems the winner and passes over the newly coveted item.

It was super fun, super geeky and all over upcycled. My favorite kind of party.
Check out the time-elapsed video from this year's and videos of Geek Christmas past.

Consider holding your own geek Christmas and spread some technology cheer!

photos courtesy Nick Normal

Monday, January 17, 2011

ReMaking It!

Woo hoo! My first book is here!!

I just received my own book (with my own name printed on it!) in the mail this past week. I have to tell you, RePlayGround blog-readers, that it's pretty rewarding to receive something like this that you've and worked really really hard on and to finally have it in print and hold it in your hands.

What's even more exciting is that this isn't the only copy that exists. Many more copies on their way to a store near you starting this March. The purpose of this book is to empower everyone to ReMake projects from objects that they find discarded around them every day. This book can be used as a garbage cookbook of sorts. We'll have the recipes you need to turn your old CDs into a table lamp, your empty cereal box into a magazine holder, and your old sweater into a scarf. It's packed with 95 do-it-yourself recycling projects from the stuff you usually scrap. Yep, 95.

If you can't wait to start remaking it, then you can preorder your copy of ReMake It on Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com. At $12.95 suggested retail, and even further discounts at online retailers, it's cheap! And if you're all connected into social media, feel free to "like" it on these sites.

The great things about all of these projects are that they're all functional objects that can be incorporated back into your everyday life. In that picture above, I have two clocks from the book already hanging on my wall - one made out of a vinyl record and the other from a paint can lid. In fact, I have a lot of the projects from the book already decorating my apartment.

Grab a copy of the book and you can ReMake It, too!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Coat Rack Design Challenge

Tiffany, always a junkie for upcycling projects, gave me a challenge recently to create a coat rack for the RePlayGround design studio.

The design rules were as follows:
1) The coat rack must be able to be mounted to the wall
2) It must hang at least six items
3) The rack must be made out of repurposed items!

With these design aspects in mind, I decided to give some old wood coat hangers an unconventional twist with this Upside Down Coat Hanger Rack:

I started by cutting off all but 1" of one side of each coat hanger. This left enough space to mount the coat hangers onto a scrap wood 2 X 4. Next, we drilled screws from the back of the wood plank into the cut part of the coat hanger, making sure to space each hanger 4" apart. This took one person to line up the hanger to the wood and hold everything in place, while a second person screwed the pieces together. For extra security, I dabbed a bit of wood glue to the sawed off part of each hanger to make sure the hangers won't twist out of place when in use!

Now our coats are hanging around the design studio in upcycled style!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year RePlay readers!

This New Year the resolutions at RePlayGround are to find new things to upcycle, and find inspiration from other eco-crafty artists and companies. This week I found a marvelous way to showcase your old museum badges by repurposing them into magnets!

Museum Badge Magnets

6 round metal museum badges
1 packet of ReMake It! bottle cap magnets

Time: 5 Minutes!

1) Remove the little metal prong off the top of each badge. Bend the prong back and forth until it breaks off.

2) Peel off the paper on the ReMake It magnets, revealing the sticky side.

2) Push the backside of each badge onto the sticky part of the magnet.

Now you're ready to display your magnificent museum badge collection in upcycled style!

Also, check out this fun Etsy find by Geekilicious: Metropolitan Museum of Art Tag Earrings!

Upcycle Away!