Friday, July 30, 2010

MAKE it to Detroit this weekend!

RePlayGround is coming home! RePlayGround started out in Michigan and we're pleased to be a part of Maker Faire Detroit this weekend. If you're in the Detroit area, you don't want to miss this event showing off Motor City's mad making stuff skills.

We'll be showing people how to make wallets and pencil cases out of TerraCycle's upcycled food wrappers. It will be loaded with lots of craftastic fun!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Reader DIY "favor"ite project

Jocelyn, a RePlay blog reader shared her own image from this Wine Cork Keychain project we did for CraftZine last year.

Here's what she said
"I've been waiting to get started on this project since it was posted on the blog. We're having my daughter's Bat Mitzvah at a winery in October, so this was the perfect favor (for the adults, anyway). We've made a bunch, so I thought I would share the picture with you. Hope you enjoy seeing your clever idea come to fruition. We're delighted with how cute (and green) they are. It's also free advertising for the winery, which is great for them.

Thanks for such an original project. Definitely a first for a Bat Mitzvah favor, I'm sure!

Jocelyn (and Amanda, the Bat Mitzvah girl)"

I just love seeing it when DIY recycling goodness makes it into hands of the talented and crafty. Just look how easy do-it-yourselfing is! Happy Bat Mitzvah, Amanda!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The NY Hall of Science will Make your weekend!

If you’re in the NYC area this weekend and looking for something fun and crafty to get your hands on, stop on by the NY Hall of Science.

In preparation for the Maker Faire this fall, the NY Hall of Science is loading up their weekends with extra DIY opportunities around the Musuem.
RePlayGround will be on-site this weekend, July 17-18 and on August 7-8 from 12 AM to 5 PM showing everyone how to ReMake items into new. You can also catch us at the granddaddy of all Maker Faires at the first ever held in New York on September 25-26. We wouldn’t even dream of missing that one. And you shouldn’t either if you’re in the area.

This weekend we’ll be showing off all of our Crafty favorites. Saturday is cereal boxes galore with cereal box pencil cases and wallets, Sunday will be food wrapper focused with collapsible dishes, wallets, and more.

Stop on by and RePlay with us. All of the projects are free with general admission to the museum. Just bring your crafty self and join us for some good ole fashioned ReMake fun!

Monday, July 5, 2010

ReMake It: Mint Tin Puzzle

Puzzled by what to do with old mint tins? Here's an easy upcycling project demonstrated by my supercute niece. Grab a pair of scissors, a mint tin, an old photo, flexible magnet, and some glue. And get ready to ReMake It!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Upcycled Interiors at Caracas Arepa Bar, Brooklyn

The RePlayGround crew recently enjoyed a delicious arepa dinner at a nearby Venezuelan restaurant. We came for the food, but were extra tickled to realize that the interior design of the restaurant, by our friends at EcoSystems, was beautiful and eco-friendly.

If you're in the neighborhood, you should visit and check out the clever use of salvaged wood and other materials, and the surprisingly grown-up and tasteful use of milk crates as seating. (And then stay and enjoy a delicious meal!)