Monday, September 24, 2012

Putting a new spin on Maker Faire!

We’re ReMaking it at Maker Faire in New York City again this year! It’s coming up this weekend from September 29 – 30th and being hosted by the nice people at the New York Hall of Science.

This year’s RePlayGround project is a DIY pinwheel made from scrap materials (what else would be use?) attached to a straw. It’s one of my favorite new projects and definitely takes upcycling for a spin.

If you’re there on Saturday be sure to check out my soda tab bracelet demo at the Maker Square Stage from 1 – 1:30. Bring your own soda tabs or be one of the first 20 people at the demo and get free supplies to make your own bracelet. If you can’t make it to the event, you can always check out this easy how-to video.

Hurray for ReMakers and Faires!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A light fixture that has “pop”!

Shine a new light on your empty soda (pop) bottles and combine them to create this fancy fixture. I was at the New York Hall of Science and we teamed up to create a video to show you how. What you need to get started are soda bottles, twist ties, a permanent marker, a 1/16” hole punch (or drill bit and drill) and a strand of Christmas lights.

Grab your bottles and start popping!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Turn your tabs into jewelry that's fab!

I recently visited the NY Hall of Science, showing them how to ReMake soda tabs into wearable accessories. And we felt we had so much recycling goodness going on, we wanted to get the message out to all of you! Catch this video which takes you through the step-by-step of creating your very own soda tab bracelet. Grab a pile of soda tabs, some stretchy cording, and start ReMaking!

Mix up your bracelet with different colored tabs and cord. They'll look great on your own wrist and make great gifts, too!

If this bracelet project left you thirsty for more do-it-yourself goodness, visit us at the NYSci during Maker Faire, September 29-30. It will blow your crafty mind!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Grandma Threadgould's craft book

My mom was recently cleaning out some relics from the past and came across a notebook from my Grandma Threadgould. It was full of crafts and recipes and all sorts of do-it-yourself goodness so she passed it on to me. I recognized patterns for ornaments that my mother still has - one of an angel and another of a mailbox that she still hangs on her Christmas tree.

I always remembered this grandma being crafty. And flipping through her book I realized there was no choice but for me to have crafting in my blood. In fact, my father once traced our lineage of the "Threadgould" name back to tailors of generations ago who lived in England.

I think Grandma Threadgould said it best from the entry she wrote over 40 years ago:
Spring Craftshop - 1966 "He who acquires a hobby has started on a glorious adventure - he has thrown boredom overboard and contracted an incurable disease."

This entry was right over top instructions for a do-it-yourself shadow box from Reynolds aluminum foil. Go Grandma Threadgould! Hurray for passing on glorious adventures!