Saturday, June 30, 2012

Alley Recycling Exhibition

Ashley, one of our RePlayGround instructors, was recently on a trip to Europe and saw Alley Recycling exhibition space at Design Pack gallery.  The space is located at 24 rue de Richelieu and is devoted solely to the art of packaging design.  Alley recycling states its aim is to "encourage sorting and recycling of packaging and the development of best practices for prevention and waste reduction."  Here are a few pics she took for RePlayGround readers to see!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Swanky shelves made from an old door

Instructables is a wealth of  DIY instruction, and it's where we love to look for new ideas and creative inspiration.  Recently, we came across a cool furniture upcycling project that can reinvent a room.  It's a set of shelves made out of an old door and fallen tree branches, and you can find instructions from Instructables member LaxCatCreations here.

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

ReLIT NY Book Drive

ReLIT NY is a free book donation and reading program that collects your unwanted books and recycles them back to the public.  This organization seeks to redistribute books at no cost, and you can find ReLIT books being handed out at various New York City subway stations every month.  What a cool way to reuse!  To take part in the next book drive, drop by the Union Square Station on June 18 at 5:30PM.

For more information on ReLIT NY, click here.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Necktie Gadget Case for Father's Day!

Father's Day is fast approaching, and we have a DIY project that will make a super-fun gift for Dad.  It's the Necktie Gadget Case, and you can make it out of one of Dad's old ties.  (Just be sure not to cut up a tie he's going to miss!)  For step by step instructions, check out our DIY video tutorial below!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Show your dad how much he rocks!

Dad's really rock! There's no better time to let him know than on Father's Day. It’s time to hit the replay button on that old tie and let it play a different tune. You can refashion that necktie into a simple guitar strap. You’ll have a chart-topping Father’s Day gift that didn’t cost a dime.

Here's the how-to: materials you need
- necktie
- ruler
- fabric scissors
- 1 ½” wide slide and tri-glide
- needle and thread or sewing machine

1. Cut off the tip of your tie 4.5” from the skinny end.

2. Take this piece and slip the slide through the cut end. With the wrong side of the tie facing up, fold the cut end down to keep the slide in place. Sew the fold in place with a running stitch.

3. Take the long necktie piece and slide the cut end through the tri-glide. Then, slide the end through the slide and back up and around the center of the tri-glide. Fold the cut end down about 1”. Stitch in place with a running stitch.

4. Create buttonholes on each end of the necktie, starting about ¾” from the end. Make the buttonhole about ¾” in length. It’s best to keep the buttonhole on the tighter side because you want to ensure a secure fit on the guitar. Attach each end to your guitar. This new camera strap is ready to make its big debut!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Take a Seat: recycle a chair project

Artist Jason Eppink's latest project, which is aptly titled Take a Seat, is an ongoing series of public furniture installations in New York subway stations. Subway riders are encouraged to recycle or rescue a chair from being thrown in the landfill, and instead place it in a subway station, where it may get some good use. Eppink's goal is to increase the availability of seating in subway stations, and anyone can place a chair, take a picture of it, and send it to his blog:

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