Sunday, November 21, 2010

Candy wrapper napkin ring project

As your Halloween candy pile has dwindles into a pile of wrappers, we have a great upcycling project to satisfy your crafty cravings. Here we’ll show you an upcycling trick to transform wrappers into napkin rings – the perfect treat for your Thanksgiving celebration. Then, in the true spirit of recycling, you can reuse them again and again. It’s a sweet way to decorate your dinner party without spending a dime.

You can follow the video above, or get the complete how-to by clicking below!

candy wrappers
pen or permanent marker
glue stick

1. Cut your candy wrappers to 1.75” x 4” rectangles. You’ll need 16 pieces to make a 2” diameter napkin ring.
2. Take one wrapper and fold it in half lengthwise with the printed side facing out. Open it back up.
3. Run your glue stick along the inside of the wrapper. Fold both sides of the wrapper in to the center fold line.
4. Run your glue stick along the folded side of the wrapper. Then, fold the wrapper in half lengthwise again, so it is now a narrow rectangle.
5. Fold the wrapper in half widthwise and open it back up.
6. Fold both ends in toward the center fold line.
7. Repeat steps 2 through 6 on another wrapper.
8. Now take your two folded wrappers and fit the two tabs from one piece into the slots of the other.
9. Keep repeating steps 2 through 8 for all 15 pieces.
10. To finish your napkin ring, follow steps 2 through 5 to fold your last wrapper. Push this piece through the two open ends of your bracelet. Then, tuck the two ends into the center of this piece. Your sweet, new napkin ring is ready for dinner. As an eco-bonus, use cloth napkins that can be reused over and over.

You can also upcycle your candy wrappers through the TerraCycle collection brigade. For every candy wrapper you send in, you earn 2 cents for your favorite charity. It’s a sweet treat when you can raise money and upcycle at the same time!

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silkflowerwedding said...

Thankyou for the idea for making napkin rings. Looks like so much fun and something I will have to do.