Friday, March 23, 2012

A Paint Can Planter is perfect for Spring!

Spring is here, and we've got a great upcycling project to help you celebrate! It's the Paint Can Planter (project #77 in the ReMake It! book) and it's a fresh, colorful way to display newly bloomed flowers!

empty paint can
paint brush
potted plant that's smaller than 5 1/2 inches in diameter


1) If there's paint left inside the can, use that paint to paint the outside of the can. Let any additional paint in the can harden and dry. Remove any labels from the outside of the can and paint it. Save the lid for project #77 Paint Can Lid Clock (which can be found in the ReMake It book)

2) Fill the paint can halfway with rocks.

3) Place your potted plant inside the can. Fill up the rest of the can with rocks around the sides of the potted plant. You'll want the top of the plant pot to line up with the top of the paint can. Now, rock out with your new, low-cost planter!

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